Elpress Mini PVL130S Battery Crimping Tool (0.14-50mm²)

Product overview

Elpress Mini PVL130S Battery Crimping Tool (0.14-50mm²) with intuitive PowerSense function combines the benefits of manual crimping tools with the benefits of battery-powered hydraulic crimping tools. Tool has a max crimping force of 15kN and is supplied with one Li-Ion battery and one charger. Additional Part Numbers:
PVL130S-US, supplied with a 115VAC charger.
PVL130S-WOBC, supplied without a battery or a charger.

Elpress Mini PVL130S Benefits

  • Elpress Mini PVL130S Battery Crimping Tool offers one-handed operation for easy control of all tool functions
  • Electronic control with locking function and monitoring for complete closure of the jaws
  • Safety loop used as fall protection when used outdoors
  • Motor protection ensures safety in cases of overload
  • Easy and comfortable to use with one hand thanks to its ergonomic 2-component housing with grip-friendly protection
  • Extremely lightweight and rapid crimping process for maximum efficiency
  • Powerful driving technology allows easy crimps
  • High-performance 10.8 V Li-Ion battery – with indication of charging status
  • LED work lighting
  • Die pair SA0760 comes with the tool

For suitable dies, see table below.

PVL130S Features

  • Crimping force: max 15 kN
  • Crimping range: 0.14 – 50 mm²
  • Crimping sequence: < 1.5 s (dep. on material)
  • Number of crimps: about 300 for 10 mm² Cu / per charge
  • Battery voltage: 10.8 V
  • Battery capacity: 1.5 Ah, Li-Ion
  • Charge time: about 40 minutes.
  • Weight including battery: 0.96 kg
  • Ambient temperature: -10°C to +40°C
  • Dimensions: 255 x 85 x 60 mm

*Technical Data Subject to Change Without Notice

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Technical Data

Application Area Dies Crimp Range
Insulated 0.5 - 6mm² SA0760
Uninsulated 0.25 - 2.5mm² KB0325

Uninsulated 0.5 - 6mm² RB0560

Uninsulated 4 - 10mm² WB4099

End Sleeves 0.5 - 6mm² EB0560
End Sleeves 4 - 10mm² EB4010
End Sleeves 10 - 25mm² EB1025
End Sleeves 35 - 50mm² EB3550

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