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Elpress Screw Terminals (10-630mm²) (SL70R70S-10-12, SL240R185S-12-16)

Product overview

Elpress Screw Terminals (10-630mm²), with brass as the main screw material for lowest friction. Popular Part Nos: SL70R70S-10-12, SL240R185S-12-16

Elpress Screw Connectors and Terminals are used at low and medium voltages and for:

  • Stranded and solid Al and Cu Conductors.
  • Round cross sections 10mm² up to 630mm².
  • Sector cross sections 16mm² up to 240mm².
  • Up to 36kV.
  • Supplied in sealed plastic bag with detailed instructions for use.

Connection to the conductors is achieved by tightening the screws in the Elpress Screw Terminals or Through Connectors to a predetermined torque. Through Connectors and Terminals are made of aluminium. The Terminal palm is made of copper and the accompanying screws Elpress uses are made of brass to reduce fiction and facilitate installation.

Tools for assembly can be a spanner/ wrench or a battery-operated impact wrench which has a high torque force, >100Nm. To  facilitate installation there is Elpress ISL2201 Holding Tool, to hold the screw connector in its right position during tightening of the screws. The screw connectors have a partition wall to enable jointing of oil-filled conductors to plastic-insulated XLPE conductors. The screw connectors meet the requirements of IEC 61238-1.

Elpress marking of screw connections shows logo, product name, conductor area (for stranded and solid conductors) and assembly order of the screws. The terminal palm is marked with bolt-size (M-thread) for bolt connections.

SL70R70S-10-12, SL240R185S-12-16

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Technical Data

  • Screw material: brass, for lowest friction.
  • Voltage up to 36 kV.
  • Meets the requirements of IEC-EN 61238-1:2003.
  • The Terminals are bimetallic type to provide best possible connections to bus bars, apparatus terminals, etc.
Area Cat. No. mm L W L1 ∅D ∅d a
10-70 SL70R70S-10-12 103 25.5 59 21.5 11 11-13
95-150 SL150R95S-10-12 118.5 30.5 70.5 27 16 11-13
120-240 SL240R185S-12-16 133 30 78.5 33.5 20 13-17
240-400 SL400R240S-16 177 37 103 41.5 25.7 17
240-400 SL400R240S-20 177 37 103 41.5 25.7 21
240-400 SL400R240S-00 183.5 37 103 41.5 25.7 *
500-630 SL630R-1 243 55 129 49 33 *

Suitable for conductors as in table of Elpress Screw Connectors and Terminals.
*Palm hole as requested.

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