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Silver Fox Fox-Flo Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels (LS0H)

Product overview

The Silver Fox Fox-Flo Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels (LS0H) is a special UV stable LS0H (Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen) material that has been developed to ensure the highest levels of durability. Fox-Flo Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels (LS0H) are flame retardant, halogen free and intended for use in internal and external identification purposes. The labels are both strong and flexible and can be attached using either standard nylon or stainless-steel cable ties.

Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LS0H) is not the same as Zero-Halogen (Silver Fox Legend LHZ2 Zero-Halogen Heatshrink) (For more thorough explanation consult the PDF File: ZH/0H vs LSZH/LS0H below).


Authorised for use for London Underground Limited projects. Suitable for any applications where LSZH is specified. Typical applications would be Rail/Metro and buildings where LS0H is part of the specification. It can be used externally and in marine environments.

Label Application Guide

Features and Benefits

  • Plug‘N’Play minimal set-up time.
  • Replicate variable quantities of cable ID’s.*
  • 4 colours ex-stock.
  • Same software/printer/ribbon.
  • Plug‘N’Play eliminates waste.
  • Independently Product Tested.
  • Certificates of conformity FOC.
  • LUL-Approved.*Professional software.


Test highlights include:

  • Fire Safety Performance of Material requirements of London Underground Limited Standard LUL1-085
  • Very high Oxygen Index levels
  • 8000 hours successful NDT accelerated UV ageing
  • Salt Mist Spray according to Lloyds Register Type Approval System
  • High/ Low temperature, H2S, Smoke Toxicity and Flame Propagation

Storage Instructions

Store between   50º F (10º C) and 77º F (25º C)
Shelf Life 2 Years
Conditions  Keep in dark conditions
Humidity Resistance 35% to 65% RH


Order Information


Download PDF Files for Additional Information on Fox-Flo Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels (LS0H), Equipment Label Application GuidesZH/0H vs LSZH/LS0H comparison and disambiguation and Thermal Printer Ribbons.


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Technical Data

RoHS: RoHS compliant
Printing: Silver Fox DTP-1 Thermal Printer
Thermal Ribbon: TSR3/300
Thickness 1mm
London Underground Authorised for Use
Network Rail Authorised for Use

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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