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Specific Graphite Moulds

Product overview

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas Specific Graphite Moulds are exothermic welding graphite moulds for connections between different metallic elements.

Mechanised graphite blocks used to perform a single weld type. A single weld type means that the mould is used for a weld of two defined conductors (cables, plates, pikes …) of precise dimensions (50mm2 , Ø16mm …) and joined with a certain geometry (cross, T shape, etc.).

All specific moulds are adapted for both the Apliweld-E Exothermic Welding Electronic Starter and starting powder (AT-012N) ignition types.


Specific Graphite Moulds: Operating Procedure

Mould Durability/ Life Expectancy

The same mould can perform between 50 and 100 welds until its replacement (depending on the model). Greater care and cleaning increases the performance of the moulds.

The larger the size of the drivers and the greater the number of tablets, the more difficult it is to overcome the 50 welds per mould.

The difficulty of the installation, the weather conditions or the type of connection also influences the number of welds that a specific graphite mould will support.


Welding Selector Guide

Apliweld® Secure Plus Selector provides the appropriate part numbers and the quantity of specific moulds needed for an installation if the conductors to be welded are known, the joint types and the number of welds of each type.

Find the recommended mould and welding compound according to the connection needed.

Consult all references, accessories and required tables in the guide (PDF File) attached below or use the “specific mould selection” on Aplicaciones Tecnologicas website.

The welding manual explains the procedures for correctly using specific moulds.


Apliweld® Secure+ Exothermic Welding

Apliweld® Secure+ Exothermic Welding is a process that achieves the molecular binding among two or more metallic conductors by a chemical reaction. This molecular binding improves mechanical, electrical and anti-corrosion properties compared with any mechanical connection.

Apliweld® Secure+ is the best way to make permanent, reliable and high conductivity connections for any installation requiring an earthing system.


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    Additional Information

    on when to use multiple or specific moulds:

    Recommended Multiple Graphite Moulds Recommended Specific Graphite Moulds
    • Few welding joints of different types of joints or different sections.
    • Installers who make few welding joints in a project but do several small jobs per year.
    • Facilities with small multi-core cables.
    • Any large project, in which unforeseen connections may appear.
    • Repairs where you work with worn drivers.
    • Installations with cables greater than 95mm2
    • Sites with many identical welding joints or few types of different joints.