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XanHarp manufactures Premium Hand Sanitisers and Surface Disinfectants, Automatic Hand Sanitiser Stations, Safety Screen and more. Their have been tested to industry standards so you can ensure your workplace or home is protected. E-Tech is a XanHarp distributor of all their catalogue products in the UK & abroad.

XanHarp’s Anti-viral Surface Disinfectant has been laboratory tested against several “enveloped” viruses similar to COVID-19 and achieved 99.9 – 99.99% kill ratio across the testing range. Products have a biocidal effectiveness in compliance with the following standards:

  • EN1276
  • EN1650
  • EN13697
  • EN14476+A1

The hand sanitisation products requires no hazard labelling, reducing requirement for PPE and COSHH and are manufactured in accordance with recognised international standards, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified manufacturer and have attained EN1272 and EN1276 certification. XanHarp stations distributor catalogue uk

Standards EN 1272 Standards EN 1276 XanHarp staitions distributor catalogue uk Standards ISO 9001 Standards ISO 9001 - XanHarp staitions distributor catalogue uk


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