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Elpress New Crimp Tool and Assortment Box for End Terminals

Elpress introduce a New Crimp Tool and Assortment Box for End Terminals: Elpress Crimp Tool PEB0110T is a flexible tool that quickly changes between front and side feed. Elpress Assortment Box RPL5548 is an assortment box including space for  the Elpress Crimp Tool PEB0110T, Elpress Cutting Tool CT10 (Up to Ø 10*mm) and 1550 End Sleeves 0.14-10 mm2.   Elpress […]

Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Software Update

Great news from Silver Fox.. There is a Labacus Innovator Software Update available and it now includes new templates for the 3 across Fox-Flo® and the 50mm Fox-Flo®! The latest version also has amazing functions, such as the text rotate function and the wide middle strip for the 50mm, 25mm Fox-Flo® and the LXL labels […]