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LV, MV & HV Tools & Cable Accessories (Cleats, Joints, Glands)

BICON Components

Electrical Cable Accessories (Cable Cleats, Glands, Joints)


LV, MV & HV Cable Joints, Terminations & Power Accessories

Nexans Euromold - prefabricated cable accessories for medium voltage energy distribution

LV, MV & HV Separable Connectors, Bushings & Accessories

Elpress Crimp Terminals, Crimping Tools, Copper Lugs, Bi-Metallic

Complete Cable Crimp Tooling Systems & Components

Dutchclamp Cable Cleats, Cable Clamps, Cable Blocks, Trefoil Cable Cleats, Single Way Cable Cleats

Cable Management Systems (Cable Cleats, Clamps, Blocks)

Ensto LV & MV Distribution & Automation, OHL & Underground Cable Networks

LV, MV & HV Solutions for Distribution & Automation Networks

PFISTERER Group - products, solutions & components

LV, MV & HV Connectors, Insulators & Safety Equipments

Filoform GmbH UK BV Logo

Universal Duct Sealing & Cable Protection Systems

Ripley Tools - cable preparation tools & accessories - Logo 300x200

LV, MV & HV Cable Prep Tools (Core Insulation, Semicon, Outer Sheath)

Furukawa Cable Ducting, Green Trough, Eflex Square

Cable Protection & Management Systems (Ducting & Troughing)

Trough-Tec Systems - TTS Rail

Cable Protection & Management Systems (Cable Troughs)

SACS Tool, SWA Cable Stripping Tool, Single Wire Armour Stripper

Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) Cable Cutting & Stripping Tool

Cuedee masts, towers and supports for antennas & measurement equipment

Wind & Telecom Solutions (Towers, Supports, Antennas & Accessories)

Unitrunk - Cable Management Products and associated Support Systems

Cable Management Products & Associated Support Systems

AN Wallis Earthing Lightning Protection

Earthing & Lightning Protection Products & Solutions

Tykoflex AB - Joint Closures for Splicing & Termination, Coupling Elements & Custom Solutions - UK Distributor & Stockist

Joint Closures & Coupling Elements for Splicing & Termination

REPL Group Logo - UK Distributor

Heatshrink, Coldshrink and Premoulded Cable Accessories

Kuhlmann Electro-Heat - UK Distributor - Cable Heating Blankets, Jackets & Sleeves

Cable Heating Blankets, Jackets & Sleeves

Centriforce Logo 300 x 300

Utilities Cable Protection Systems (Rolls, Covers & more)

Panduit - Cable Ties & Physical infrastructure solutions

Infrastructure Cable Management Solutions (Cable Ties, Racks & more)

Trailer & Winch Solutions - Logo

Cable Management & Handling Products (Grips, Rollers, etc)

VICERA MV & HV Cable Tools

LV, MV & HV Tools, Machines & Equipment

CCG Cable Glands - Captive Cone Gland

Cable Glands & Safety-Critical Applications Products

nVent Caddy electrical & fastening solutions - CADDY, ERICO, HOFFMAN, RAYCHEM, SCHROFF

Fastening Solutions for Electrical Installations


Pressing Tools, Tooling Kits, Heads & Stands


Cable Protection Solutions (Conduits, Fittings & Accessories)

WEICON Tools - cable prep and stripping tools

Cable Cutting & Stripping Tools, Special Tools & Tool Sets

Snake Tray - Cable Tray Manufacturer - Cable Management and Power Distribution Solutions

Cable Management & Power Distribution Tray Solutions

HCL Fasteners Ltd

Polymer Hose Clamping, Fastening & Banding Products & Solutions

Gifas Electric

PDUs, Transformers, Cable Reels & Accessories


Fire Rated Clips & Fixings for Cable Management

Tidi Cable, Cable Hooks for trailing cable, s hooks, cable hangers

Trailing Cable Solutions for Heavy Duty Cable Management

SIlver Fox cable labelling solutions

Cable Markers & Labelling Products & Solutions

Alroc cable preparation tools and cable fixing solutions

LV, MV & HV Cable Preparation & Jointing Tools

CableSafe - Heavy Duty Cable Management - Dropped Object Prevention

Heavy Duty Cable Management Trailing Cable Solutions

Spit Fixings - ITW Construction Products

Electrical & Fastening Solutions & Gas Nail Guns

Electroplast plastic products & solutions for the protection, identification and marking

Cable Protection & Identification Ducting Solutions

CAP-XX supercapacitors

Prismatic, Thinline & Cylindrical Supercapacitors

Gemalto - Cinterion Wireless Modules and Terminals

M2M Wireless Modules, Modems & Terminals

EAD - Embedded Antenna Design Ltd

Antenna Multiband Solutions for Telemetry & Telematics

 Matsuo Electric - Miniaturised Tantalum Capacitors & Circuit Protection Components - UK Distributor

Tantalum Capacitors & Circuit Protection Components

CTi - RF Antenna Solutions

Communication & Tracking Antenna Solutions

2J Antennas - Logo _ Distributor

Wireless Antenna Solutions (Internal & External)

Schnabl fastening systems and solutions

Screwless Fastening Systems & Solutions

Aplicaciones Tecnologicas - Lightning protection and exothermic welding

Exothermic Welding & Lightning Protection Systems

E-Tech Components UK Ltd are a Specialist Distributor of Power Cable Accessories and Components

High Quality Power Cable Accessories & Components

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