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The Prysmian Group is an Italian multinational corporation that manufactures electric power transmission and telecommunications cables and systems; E-Tech are proud to be a specialised distributor of Prysmian’s Tools, Cleats, Glands & all catalogue products & solutions in the UK and abroad. 

Prysmian Group is the largest manufacturer of cables in the world by revenue. They are also world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry. With nearly 140 years of experience, sales of over €7.5 billion in 2016, 21,000 employees across 50 countries and 82 plants, the Group is strongly positioned in high-tech markets and offers the widest possible range of products, services, technologies and know-how.

It operates in the businesses of underground and submarine cables and systems for power transmission and distribution, of special cables for applications in many different industries and of medium and low voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure sectors. For the telecommunications industry, the Group manufactures cables and accessories for voice, video and data transmission. They offer a comprehensive range of optical fibres, optical and copper cables and connectivity systems. Prysmian is a public company, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in the FTSE MIB index. E-Tech are a specialised distributor of Prysmian’s tools, cleats, glands & all catalogue items in the UK and abroad. 

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