Elpress develops, manufactures and markets complete Cable Crimping Systems (Elpress Tools and Terminals) for Electrical Connectors. E-Tech are proud to be the only Elpress UK Distributor for all catalogue products and solutions.

The Range of Elpress Crimp Lugs, Terminals & Connectors in the system consist of high quality electrolytic 99.9% Copper (Cu): Copper Tube Lugs & Terminals, Copper Tube C-Sleeves & Branch Connectors, Narrow & Extra Narrow Palm Terminals as well as Through Connectors & Splices.

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Apart from the Copper Range, Elpress also offers Aluminium Lugs, Terminals & Connectors made from pure Aluminium (Al) 99.7% and Bi-Metallic (AlCu) Terminals made from solid materials with friction welding.

Tested to IEC61238-1 and, when crimping takes place using the correct Elpress Crimp Tools, will conform to all relevant International Standards including the BS7609 and BS7727.

The range also consists of Pre-Insulated Terminals. These terminals are LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), Halogen-Free type terminals which is an extra safety feature. That makes them ideal for use in railways, underground, mines, hospitals, buildings and any place where safety is paramount.

The Easy Entry connector system allows the cable to insert easily in to the Pre-insulated Terminals and speed up installation. The Dubai Metro Project used Elpress Preinsulated Terminals. That is because the project required products of high quality and LSOH. Halogen-free features were a necessity during the planning and designing of the project.

To ensure accordance with the BS7727 Standard, installation of the Insulated Terminals must take place using the Elpress MINIFORCE™ range of hand crimping tools.

Authorised Elpress Service Centre

E-Tech is a specialised Elpress Distributor and our Authorized Service Department maintains, repairs, checks, calibrates and certifies Elpress Tools and Power Systems. After equipment has been overhauled by the service department a certificate is issued to verify the performance of the tool.

To ensure that your crimped connections maintain a high quality level, we must perform regular checks on the crimping tools. Maintenance procedures are facilitated by signing special preventive maintenance agreements. That way we call in your tools in accordance with the agreement and return them, checked and certified.

E-Tech can offer a full repair and calibration service for all mechanical and hydraulic crimp tools. Crimp Tool Repairs and Calibrations take place following the manufacturer’s guidelines and in accordance with BS7609 and BS7727.

If you suspect damage or a fault in your Elpress equipment, please contact our service department immediately:

Tel: +44 (0)1744 762 929

To return tools / products to us for: Service, Repair, Calibration, Warranty.

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