SACS Tool- SWA Cable Stripper

SACS Tool- SWA Cable Stripper strips safer and up to 50% quicker than conventional stripping methods. Complies with on-site Health & Safety Regulations as it requires NO Hacksaw, Knives or Blades. Provides a perfect final result every time! E-Tech are a specialist SACS tool distributor and supplier in the UK and abroad.

Watch video below for a detailed Applications Description and Demonstration of the 5-step process of stripping SWA Cable:

SACS® Tool – Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) Cable Stripping Tool was invented by Martin Barrett, an electrician with 30 years of experience. His experience helped him understand the problems that come with “glanding off” an SWA cable using hacksaw and utility knife. And that’s why he designed the ideal solution for this.

E-Tech are proud to be the UK distributor for SACS Tool – SWA Cable Stripper, helping improve Safety in the workplace.


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