Ensto is an international, growth-oriented family business and technology company based in Finland. Ensto design and manufacture smart solutions for LV, MV & HV Electricity Distribution and Automation Networks, as well as for Overhead Line (OHL) and Underground Cable Networks. E-Tech Components are proud to be Ensto’s only authorised distributor and partner in the UK.

Ensto solutions for LV & MV Distribution & Automation, OHL & Underground Cable Networks - E-Tech UK partner & distributor

Ensto Products & Solutions

Ensto’s wide range includes LV and MV OHL accessories, distribution cabinets, panelboards, enclosures, as well as underground cable accessories, like joints, terminations and more. An accredited in-house laboratory supports the development and secures that the products are durable, high-quality and long-lasting. Their R&D, manufacturing and laboratories give them the expertise to continually innovate and serve customers on an individual level. E-Tech Components are Ensto’s only authorised distributor and partner in the UK.

Mission & Vision

For 65 years, their dedication to electricity focuses on a long-term and human-centric approach. Their Mission is to make better life with electricity by providing innovative and reliable electrical solutions. Their aim is to become a leading expert for distribution system operators and help them create a more sustainable tomorrow.


Ensto Product Categories

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