CAP-XX is a corporation listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market, incorporated in Australia, and headquartered in Lane Cove, Sydney. E-Tech is a certified CAP-XX distributor in the UK & abroad, contact us for all Supercapacitors & Components listed in their Catalogue.

They develop, manufacture and market thin, prismatic supercapacitors for use in:

  • commercial and industrial electronics, such as handheld computers, point of sale terminals, telemetry units and location tracking equipment;
  • consumer handheld devices, such as digital cameras, tablet computers and mobile phones; and
  • clean energy applications, such as energy harvesting and micro-hybrid vehicles.


CAP-XX supercapacitors feature:

  • exceptionally high power density and energy density;
  • high cell voltage and wide operating temperature ranges;
  • extremely low leakage current and minimum charge current; and
  • thin, prismatic package, ideally suited for use in space-constrained applications.

The supercapacitors provide:

  • peak power support for pulsed loads;
  • secure power back-up for mission critical applications; and
  • battery-independent power storage in clean-tech products.

As battery-powered devices proliferate, and the focus on clean energy expands, demand is growing for high performance supercapacitors to extend and enhance operational life. Their supercapacitors enable manufacturers to incorporate more and more high power functionality, whilst reducing battery weight, cost and size; component cost and number; and environmental impact.

E-Tech is a certified CAP-XX distributor in the UK & abroad, contact us for all Capacitors & Components listed in their Catalogue.

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