Tidi-Cable Ltd are the leading manufacturer and distributor of heavy duty cable management products in the United Kingdom. Their aim is to bring cable safety to your workplace. Trailing cables will no longer be a hazard in your workplace when you team up with Tidi-Cable. E-Tech is a certified Tidi-Cable distributor. offering their catalogue solutions in the UK & abroad.

An Accident Waiting To Happen?

Trailing cables and leads are a huge issue in the construction industry. They are everywhere on construction sites, powering temporary lighting and power tools which require a little more power than a battery.

Every year thousands of people trip over them, causing injuries and costing employers thousands lost work days.

Every year thousands of construction sites fail their safety inspection, because of them.

Tidi-Cable Tidi-Hangers (TC002)

Problem Solved

Tidi-Cable aims to solve this problem and offer the simplest, best and most innovative solutions to trailing cables. Their range of cable tidies are designed to raise cables and leads off the floor and reduce accidents in the workplace.

Any Phase, Any Project

Tidi-Cable’s products are specially designed for construction/building sites, festivals, events, factories, oil/gas production, shipping yards, rail and underground workplaces. Whether you’re in the demolition, construction, fit-out or finishes phase of your project, we have the perfect solution for you. 

New Range of Steel Products from Tidi-Cable

New Range of Steel Products

To conform with the 18th Edition wiring regulations Tidi-Cable have developed a range of metal cable supports and fixings to help ensure construction site managers responsible for electricians and electrical contractors are fully compliant of the new wiring regulations.


E-Tech is a certified Tidi-Cable distributor in the UK & abroad.


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