CCG A2F-HTF-FC Double Compression Cable Gland (0451)

Product overview

CCG A2F-HTF-FC Double Compression Cable Gland (0451)

CCG A2F-HTF-FC Double Compression Cable Gland (0451) is a Hazardous Area Glanding Device for Heat Trace Cable. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, Group I, II, III, Zone 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22 hazardous areas.

CCG Part Numbers: 0451-0, 045101, 045102

Features & Benefits

  • Passes the IECEx / ATEX / UKEX 100% pull test, so no additional cable clamping is required.
  • For indoor, outdoor, Group I, II, III, Zone 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22 hazardous areas.
  • Fitted with a specially formulated captive elastomeric displacement seal, giving superior cable retention, explosion protection, and an IP rating.
  • Precision manufactured from high-quality brass (Marine Grade Electroless Nickel Plated™) available in aluminium or stainless steel 316/316L on request. (Note: Aluminium is not suitable for Group I applications).
  • With an M25 female thread to allow the attachment of flexible conduits. Alternative thread sizes can be provided on request.
  • Supplied with a thread sealing gasket (parallel threads only).

CCG A2F-HTF-FC Technical Data

Type: A2F-HTF
Equipment Protection Levels: Ex db I/IIC, Ex eb I/IIC, Ex ta IIIC, Ex nR IIC
Gland Material: Brass (Marine Grade Electroless Nickel Plated™), Aluminium or Stainless Steel 316/316L
Seal Material: Standard Thermoset Elastomer or Extreme Temperature Seals
Sealing Gasket Material: HDPE, Nylon 66 or PTFE
Cable Type: Heat Trace Housed in Conduit
Sealing Area: Outer Sheath
Optional Accessories: Adaptor, Reducer, Earth Tag, Locknut, Serrated Washer

Note: The installer should ensure that the materials are suitable for the installation environment.

Installation Standards

  • IECEx
  • ATEX
  • UKEX
  • SANS
  • Ingress Protection
  • Deluge Protection
  • Corrosion Protection

Hazardous Areas

A Hazardous Area is one in which there is potential for an explosion of gases, vapours, mists or dust or a combination of these. Such locations are petrochemical plants, offshore oil rigs, fuel filling stations, timber mills, coal mines, flour mills, paint spray booths, sewerage treatment plants, hospitals, explosive magazines and more.

Special precautions must be taken for the design, manufacture, installation and use of equipment and cable glands in such hazardous areas. Persons involved in selecting installing and maintaining electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas should be competently trained, have a full understanding of what a hazardous area is and have knowledge of the equipment protection levels and the installation standards involved.

Additional Technical Data on CCG A2F-HTF-FC Double Compression Cable Gland (0451) Part Numbers can be found on the table below. For Conforming Standards & Certificates as well as Fitting Instructions, please advise PDF File.

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Technical Data

Product Code Gland Size Ref. Metric Entry Thread (C) Metric Entry Thread (Min D) NPT Entry Thread (C) NPT Entry Thread (Min D) Conduit Thread (G) Conduit Thread Length (H) Cable Detail (Min A) Cable Detail (Max A) Cable Detail (Min B) Cable Detail (Max B) Max Length (E) Hexagonal Detail (Max Flats)
Hexagonal Detail (Max Crns) Installation Torque Value (Nm)
0451-0 0-20s M20x1.5 15 ½/¾ 15 M25x1.5 10 4.2 6.4 8.8 11 38 25/27 28/30 32.5
045101 1-20 M20x1.5 15 ½/¾ 15 M25x1.5 10 4.2 8.0 10.9 14 42 27 30 32.5
045102 2-25 M25x1.5 15 ¾/1 15/19 M25x1.5 10 4.8 7.0 13.7 16 43 35 39 47.5

All dimensions except NPT are in mm. Male Entry Thread ‘C’ and Female Entry Thread ‘B’ can only be any combination of either NPT or Metric threads.
Intermediate thread sizes are available on request. NPT threads should be tightened ‘wrench tight’.


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