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Cue Dee Alubra Beams 75/4

Product overview

Cue Dee Alubra Beams 75/4 are the basic components of several light weight constructions. There are four different beams available: 100mm (3,93in) side with 4 grooves, 75mm (2,95in) side with 2 or 4 grooves and 50mm (1.97in) side with 4 grooves.

Product Name: Alubra Beams 75/4
Drawing No: CD 8700xx
Prod. No: 1968, 2202, 2088, 2532, 2573, 2956, 5078, 5742-5746
Function Description: 75 x 75mm (3,0 x 3,0in), 4 grooves
Weight per meter: 4,6kg (10,1lb)



The grooves on the side of the beam fits an M12 bolt with washer, that enables easy assembly to clamps, angles or brackets of almost any kind.


The ALUBRA beams are made of age hardened anodized aluminium which gives the beams excellent corrosion resistance and strength.


The choice of material makes the product very light which makes the handling and installation very easy.


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Technical Data

Product Name Product No Drawing No Length
Alubra Beams 75/4 1968 CD 870005 500mm (20in)
2202 CD 870010 1000mm (39in)
2532 CD 870015 1500mm (59in)
2088 CD 870020 2000mm (79in)
2573 CD 870025 2500mm (98in)
5078 CD 870030 3000mm (118in)
2956 CD 870035 3500mm (138in)
5742 CD 870040 4000mm (157,5in)
5743 CD 870045 4500mm (177in)
5744 CD 870050 5000mm (197in)
5745 CD 870055 5500mm (216,5in)
5746 CD 870060 6000mm (236in)

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