Cue Dee Climbing Step (3099)

Product overview

Cue Dee Climbing Step (3099) is suitable for any tube with diameter between Ø90-114mm (3,5-4,5in). Each step has a connection point to ensure safe passage.


Fits any tube with an outer diameter between Ø90-114mm (3,5-4,5in).


Made from galvanized steel and the fasteners from stainless steel. This gives the product excellent corrosion resistance.


The U-Bolts and nuts are pre waxed upon delivery to ensure a smooth and easy installation.


Climbing steps for mounting on any tube with diameter between Ø90-114mm (3,5-4,5in).

For Order and Technical Information, consult the Technical Data, Package Dimensions and Mechanical Data tables below.

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Technical Data

Product Name Product No Drawing No Length Width Height Weight 
Climbing Step 3099 CD 735012 300mm (12in) 150mm (5,9in) 50mm (2in) 1,7kg (3,7lb)


Climbing Step Fasteners
Hot-dip galvanized steel Acid proof stainless steel

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