Cue Dee Double Omni Beam Support - 3748

Product overview

Cue Dee Double Omni Beam Support (3748) consist of one aluminium case extrusion to fit the mast or tower. Inside this case the Alubra beam can be slided in to the mast for antenna mounting or services. The case has two locking devices for the beam one on each side.


The beam is made up from the Cue Dee Alubra extrusion and has a standard length of 5,6m. (Other lengths can be arranged up on request). It is possible to mount two antennas at the ends of the Double Omni Beam. Two Ø75x600mm tubes for antenna fitting is included.


All components are made of anodized aluminium and stainless steel which gives the support excellent corrosion resistance.


The Double Omni Beam is a 5,6 m long slideable antenna beam capable of carrying two antennas.


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Technical Data

Product Name Product No Drawing No Material
Double Omni Beam Support 3748 CD 856056 Tubes, Clamp Profiles and Antenna Support Profiles: Aluminum alloy, Nature Anodized 20 µm

Fasteners: Acid proof stainless steel


Art. No Description Length Width Height Weight
3748 Double Omni Beam Support 5600mm (220in) 200mm (7,9in) 300mm (12in) 55kg (121lb)


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