Cue Dee Flexi Multi Radio Stack Mount (7411)

Product overview

Cue Dee Flexi Multi Radio Stack Mount (7411) is a Ballast support for up to 7 Flexi modules. Light weight stack support that comes with a built in grounding plate and ESD connection point. It can be installed either as a ballast solution or bolted to the roof/floor.

There is no need for a Plinth as the RFM modules fit directly on the Stack Mount. For in or outdoor use.



It is possible to install up to 7 Flexi modules on the Flexi Multi Radio Stack Mount.


The components are made of high grade anodized aluminium and acid proof stainless steel which gives the support excellent resistance.


The grooves in the Alubra beams fit the M12 bolts and washers used, this makes the installation process very fast and easy.


  • Prod. No. 7411: Flexi Multi – Radio Stack Mount for installation of 1-7 flexi modules, using ballast or bolted to the floor. In or outdoor use.
  • Prod.No. 7474: Optional FSEC plate to enable installation of one FSEC unit.


For Order and Technical Information, consult the Technical Data and Package Dimensions table below.

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Technical Data

Product Name Product No Drawing No Length Width Height Weight 
Flexi Multi Radio Stack Mount 7411 CD 990983 750mm (29,5in) 125mm (4,9in) 80mm (3,1in) 9,1kg (20lb)


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