Cue Dee Guyed K-Mast System (1581, 4933, 1577, 5342, 5343)

Product overview

Cue Dee Guyed K-Mast System (1581, 4933, 1577, 5342, 5343) consists of square 2 meter high sections. The side of the sections range from 600 mm to 900 mm. Tapered sections are used to connect two different section sizes. To support the mast, guy wires are used at multiple levels depending on the height of the mast.


We have a number of standard green field masts of different heights designed for specific antenna loads and wind speeds. If none of our standard masts suit your needs the masts can of course be built according to your specifications.

Just contact us with your request and we will design a mast to suit your needs! There is no need for an external ladder since the masts are climbable on the inside and/or outside. The mast is possible to assemble by using gin pole, crane or helicopter.


The mast sections are made of galvanized steel components. This gives the system excellent corrosion resistance and a long life. All sections are an all welded design. All masts are calculated according to the Eurocode standard.


Climbing barriers (K-600, K-900), Lghtning Rods, Booms, Top spires, Fall Arrest System, Obstruction Lights, Brackets, etc. are available on request.


The modular standard Guyed K-Mast System consists of square modules, ranging from 400mm (15,7in) sides to 1350mm (53,1 in) sides, that can be combined into guyed masts of desired height. Tapered sections creates a smooth transition between different sizes of straight modules. All modules, straight and tapered, are 2 meters high.

For Order and Technical Information, consult the Technical Data table below.

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Technical Data

Product Name Drawing No Section Side Section Height Frame Leg Diameter Weight/ Section
K-400 CD 421100 400mm (15,7in) 2000mm (78,7in)  Ø22mm 42,6kg
K-600 CD 431100 600mm (23,6in) 2000mm (78,7in)  Ø25mm 70kg
K-600 STRONG CD 421170  600mm (23,6in)  2000mm (78,7in)  Ø30mm 75,4kg
K-750 CD 451100 750mm (29,5in) 2000mm (78,7in)  Ø30mm 98kg
K-900 CD 441150  900mm (29,5in)  2000mm (78,7in)  Ø35mm 124kg
K-1050 CD 455000  1050mm (41,4in)  2000mm (78,7in)  Ø40mm 160kg
K-1350 CD 461100  1350mm (53,1in)  2000 mm (78,7in)  Ø50mm 275kg

*NOTE: Contact out sales department for configuration and optimizing of your K-Mast System.

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