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Cue Dee Slack Pullers

Product overview

Cue Dee Slack Pullers are used to attach the Guy Wire to the Mast and to the Guy Foundations.


Slack pullers are available in many different versions and sizes. We can provide you with slack pullers suitable from 25mm² (0,04sq in) up to 284mm² (0,44sq in) Guy Wires.


The Slack Puller wedge and wedge housing are made of nodular cast iron, the U-bole is made of steel. All part are galvanized, this gives them excellent corrosion resistance and a long life.


Follow the steps in the installation manual.


Slack Pullers are used to fasten the Guy Wires to the Mast and Guy Foundations. Different slack puller sizes are available depending on Guy Wire dimension.


For Order and Technical Information, consult the Technical Data and the Package Details tables below.

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Technical Data

Product Name Product No Size Fits Guy Wires Length Recommended Max Guy Force
Slack Puller 1471 M16 25-68mm2 (0,04-0,10sq in)* 300mm (12,0in) 47kN
Slack Puller 4276 M16 25-68mm2 (0,04-0,10sq in)* 800mm (31,5in) 47kN
Slack Puller 1472 M20 68-105mm2 (0,10-0,16sq in)** 350mm (13,8in) 72kN
Slack Puller 5436 M20 68-105mm2 (0,10-0,16sq in)** 800mm (31,5in) 72kN
Slack Puller 2182 M24 105-142mm2 (0,16-0,22sq in) 425mm (16,7in) 100kN
Slack Puller 5437 M24 105-142mm2 (0,16-0,22sq in) 800mm (31,5in) 100kN
Slack Puller 5358 M27 185-284mm2 (0,29-0,44sq in) 420mm (16,7in) 200kN

*Cue Dee recommends using the larger M20 Slack Puller for the 68mm2 wire for easier installation.
**Cue Dee recommends using the larger M24 Slack Puller for the 105mm2 wire for easier installation.



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