D-Line Retro Clips - Safe-D Fire Rated Trunking Fixings(SD-RETRO1, SD-RETRO2)

Product overview

D-Line Retro Clips – Safe-D Fire Rated Trunking Fixings (SD-RETRO1, SD-RETRO2) are fire performance fixings. Shaped to fit outside of existing non-metallic size 1 and size 2 trunking installations.
Part Numbers: SD-RETRO1 (for size 1 trunkings) – 30 x 18 x 16 mm | SD-RETRO2 (for size 2 trunkings) – 40 x 27 x 17 mm.

D-Line Safe-D Retro Clip ApplicationsThey provide a practical, easy-fit and secure solution for installations that do not have internal fire-rated supports. Users simply position the Retro Clip over the external faces of the trunking, then screw-fix through the 5mm eyelet to secure the clip in place.

Retro Clips have been tested to confirm that in event of fire, after trunking has disintegrated in excessive heat, the surviving cables will be held secure. (For additional information on Testing, please consult PDF file below)

D-Line Retro Clips Features

  • Size 1 for 16 x 16 mm, & Size 2 for 25 x 16 mm trunkings
  • Will not drop to cause potentially fatal cable entanglements
  • Simply fit 1 x screw via 5 mm eyelet
  • Labour saving – 1 fixing only
  • D-Line Retro Clips – Safe-D Fire Rated Trunking Fixings have >1200°C melting point

For Additional Information on D-Line Retro Clips – Safe-D Fire Rated Trunking Fixings (SD-RETRO1, SD-RETRO2), please download PDF File or advise Technical Data table below.

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Technical Data

Part No  Description Length Width Height
SD-RETRO1 Fire Rated Fixing for Size 1 trunkings 30 mm 18 mm 16 mm
SD-RETRO2 Fire Rated Fixing for Size 2 trunkings 40 mm 27 mm 17 mm

Product Video

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