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Dutchclamp Dutchhook

Product overview

Dutchclamp Dutchhook is designed to hang hoses, wires or cables in a very simple way, to create a safer work floor and thus reduce the number of industrial accidents.

These safety hooks are made of fiberglass reinforced polyester and therefore do not conduct electricity or heat and are resistant to oils, greases, salts, acids, heat and cold.

Because of the unique diamond structure, this safety hook is one of the strongest available of its kind. The Dutchhook safety hooks have been tested by the MME-group test laboratory.

The hook is used worldwide in various market segments such as the marine/ offshore, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, non-residential construction, etc.

On request, the Dutchhook® safety hook can be supplied in various colors and even in a luminous version for extra safety.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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    Performance Data

    Type 10" 13"
    Cable opening

    70 mm

    91 mm

    Maximum load

    220kg 360kg


    145 grams

    315 grams

    Working temperature

    from -20°C (-4°F) up to 200°C (392°F)


    Glass reinforced polyester

    *Performance Data subject to change without notice.


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