Dutchclamp Polefix - mounting Cable cleats/ blocks

Product overview

Dutchclamp Polefix for mounting Cable Blocks, Cleats and Clamps. A stainless steel band and two Pole fixes allow you to mount all types of Dutchclamp cable clamps (cable cleats), cable blocks or other products to (steel or concrete) poles which may not be drilled.

Dutchclamp Polefix Features

  • Polefix Block, Cleat and Clamp Mounting is manufactured from polyamide (PA), glass fibre reinforced.
  • Resistant to oils, UV, ozone, salt, moisture, acids and even nuclear radiation.
  • V-0 (UL94) self-extinguishing, Halogen-free.
  • Temperature range from -40°C to 120°C.
  • Coloured black.





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Performance Data


Type Polefix (mm)
diameter mounting hole ø 15
L 80
B 46
H 33
D 6
pole length 40
pole thickness 2.5

*Performance Data subject to change without notice.

Polefix Technical Image 1 Polefix Technical Image 2 Polefix Technical Image 3

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