EAD MIMO-Blade – LTE MIMO Blade Antenna

Product overview

EAD MIMO-Blade – LTE MIMO Blade Antenna is a 2 port LTE/4G Multiband Waterproof MIMO Blade Antenna suitable for fixed and mobile LTE applications to IP67 environments.

Designed to complement 4G and LTE routers, modems and gateways in fixed and mobile applications.

Applications that this MIMO antenna is used for include vehicle telematics, vending, kiosks and wireless video.

Housed in a robust, durable cover and IP67 rated cover, the MIMO-Blade is a discreet solution for mounting on non-metal surfaces such as vehicle windows, dashboards, inside kiosks or terminals or in locations outside a vehicle or enclosure.

EAD MIMO-Blade is supplied with two RG174 cables and these can be specified to customer-required length and choices of connector, SMA-Male, FME-Female and TS9 connectors are popular.

Supplied with removable suction cups for mounting and can also be mounted with adhesive tape, velcro, cable ties or plastic screws.

EAD MIMO-Blade Features

  • LTE/4G 2 Port Antenna
  • Fully Waterproof – IP67 Compliant
  • Install on window, dash or non-metal bodywork
  • Comes with two suction cups for mounting
  • Ideal for trucks, non-metal surface vehicle mount, telemetry, monitoring & security applications
  • 2 cables up to 2M long
  • Choice of connectors

Ordering Options

FMMB35345-SMSM-1K = MIMO-Blade antenna with 2 x 1M RG174 and SMA

FMMB35345-TSXTSX-1K = MIMO-Blade antenna with 2 x 1M RG174 and TS9

For a MIMO LTE omni antenna, request the LMO7270 antenna. For LTE flexible PCB antenna, the L-Flex is an attractive solution.

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Technical Data

Element  Frequency Range Peak Gain Polarisation Impedance VSWR
Element 1 690-960 / 1710-2170 / 2500-2700 MHz 2 dBi Linear 50 Ohms <2.5:1
Element 2 690-960 / 1710-2170 / 2500-2700 MHz 2 dBi Linear 50 Ohms <2.5:1
Element  Power Rating Operating Temperature Cable/ Connector Ingress Protection Level Dimensions
Element 1 10 W - - - -
Element 2 10 W -40 to +70 degrees C 2 x 50cm RG174 - SMA,  TS9, CRC, FME IP67 Compliant  184 x 84mm (hxd) max.

Note: Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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