EAD RF240 – Low Loss Coaxial Cable (RF240-SF-SM-5M, RF240-SF-SM-10M, RF240-NM-SM-10M, RF240-NM-NM-10M, RF240-SM-TNM-10M)

Product overview

EAD RF240 – Low Loss Coaxial Cable is a flexible, durable, low loss cable with excellent RF properties.
Ordering Options: RF240-SF-SM-5M, RF240-SF-SM-10M, RF240-NM-SM-10M, RF240-NM-NM-10M, RF240-SM-TNM-10M.

With an outer sheath diameter of 6.1mm, our RF240 jumper cable assemblies are ideal for wireless networks including 4G/LTE access installations, LoRA and IoT deployments and many other applications across the UHF and cellular bands.

With excellent RF properties in a small diameter sheath, EAD RF240 Low Loss Coaxial Cable lends itself well to cable runs up to 15-20M for cellular applications.

EAD RF240 jumper cables are assembled at Embedded Antenna Design’s facility in Buckingham and typically assemble lengths vary from 0.5M to 20M with a wide choice of connectors including SMA, RP-SMA, TNC, N-Type, BNC and more. (e.g. RF240-NM-SM-10M).

EAD RF240 Features

  • Excellent RF properties
  • Flexible Outer Jacket
  • Various Connector options
  • Ideal for 4G/LTE applications

Ordering Options

RF240-SF-SM-5M = 5M RF240 with SMA-Female / SMA-Male
RF240-SF-SM-10M = 10M RF240 with SMA-Female / SMA-Male
RF240-NM-SM-10M = 10M RF240 with N-Male / SMA-Male
RF240-NM-NM-10M = 10M RF240 with N-Male / N-Male
RF240-SM-TNM-10M = 10M RF240 with SMA-Male / TNC-Male

The RF240 is an equivalent to LMR240 cable, but a more cost effective alternative. We can offer this cable pre-terminated with SMA, N-Type, TNC and other RF connectors as required.

As these cables are assembled in-house we can quickly accommodate customer requests for specific lengths or connector types. RF240 complements EAD omni antennas such as the FGO and LMO antenna or the directional panel antenna, the LPM8270.

For a slightly smaller diameter cable and cable runs up to 10M, take a look at BWL195. If you are after even lower loss cables, take a look at the RF400.

For Additional Information on EAD RF240 – Low Loss Coaxial Cable, please download PDF File or advise Technical Data table below.

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Technical Data

Screen Sheath
Impedance Capacitance Velocity Radio Screen Efficiency (dB)
Copper (1.4mm) PEE (3.80mm) Aluminium + polyester + aluminium tape 100%
Tinned Copper 80%
PVC (6.10mm) 50 Ohms 80 pF/m 84% 100-900 MHz >90

Note: Technical Data subject to change without notice.

Performance Data


Frequency Loss per 100m
100 MHz 7.8 dB/100M
400 MHz 16.2 dB/100M
600 MHz 20 dB/100M
1000 MHz 26 dB/100M
1750 MHz 36 dB/100M
2400 MHz 43.1 dB/100M

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