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Gemalto AH3 Automotive Wireless M2M Module

Product overview

Global Coverage with HSPA+ Performance

Gemalto AH3 Automotive Wireless M2M Module provides advanced HSPA+ connectivity and enhanced global coverage for demanding 3G automotive applications. It features an intelligent antenna concept and built-in diagnostics to enable improved data speeds even under fluctuating 3G network conditions.

An enhanced single sided design improves heat dissipation for extended temperature range. Other features include a SIM access profile, an adjustable RLS function for jamming detection and flexible B2B mounting for easy design-ins and testing. ​



  • Region: Emea, Apac, Latam, Noram​
  • Supports five UMTS bands with regional variants
  • HSPA+ / UMTS
  • EDGE Class 12
  • GPRS Class 12
  • Full Voice Support
  • Quad-Band 2G
  • 80 pin B2B connector
  • Advanced Antenna Concept with Pogo Pads
  • GPS
  • Advanced Temperature Management
  • Antenna Diagnostics
  • RLS Monitoring (jamming detection)


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