Gemalto PLS8 Industrial Plus Wireless M2M Module

Product overview

LTE Wireless M2M with Worldwide Coverage and GPS​​​​​

Gemalto PLS8 Industrial Plus Wireless M2M Module delivers advanced LTE connectivity offering a smart solution for high speed M2M cellular connectivity now and in the future. Enabling speeds up to 100 Mbps for downlink and 50 Mbps for uplink, the ruggedized PLS8 module offers an ideal solution for the challenging requirements of high bandwidth mobile computing, vi​deo security solutions, medical equipment, payment systems and gateway routers.

The Gemalto PLS8 Industrial Plus Wireless M2M Module module and its variants, PLS8-E and PLS8-US, provide true worldwide coverage and reliability even while roaming across different wireless networks. Two antenna pads enable diversity support for improved data speeds and an optimized GPS antenna path eliminates blanking and provides more consistent performance.

For investment protection, it supports multiple designs through footprint compatibility with Cinterion 3G GSM and CDMA modules including PHS8​, PXS8 and PV​​S8​. Like all Cinterion products, the PLS8 comes with full type approval (FTA) and pre certification from the largest global network operators which speeds time to market.

Gemalto PLS8 Features

  • Region: Emea, Noram
  • Quad Band LTE
  • Tri Band UMTS/DC-HSPA+
  • GPRS/EDGE Quad/Dual Band
  • LGA Mounting Technology
  • Extended Temperature Range
  • USB 2.0
  • Multi OS Support
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