Nexans 15TS-NSS Universal Bushing Boot

Product overview

Nexans 15TS-NSS Universal Bushing Boot

Nexans 15TS-NSS Universal Bushing Boot is manufactured from nontracking EPDM rubber and is designed to mate with all types of cold or heat-shrinkable terminations (without sheds). The Bushing part fits interface diameters between 40 and 60 mm. The system is separable and allows easy removal for testing. This boot is suitable for all angles between 90° and 180°.

The product features two rotatable components which accommodate both angled and straight connections to equipment bushings of cast resin or porcelain type, with diameters between 40 and 60 mm. Un-screened for use with heatshrink termination kits. No need for heat, naked flames and special tooling.

Nexans 15TS-NSS Kit Contents

The 3 x 15TS-NSS kit comprises 3 bushing boots for any application, silicone grease and installation instructions.


This is an unscreened boot and therefore not safe to touch when energised. When used in a metal enclosed cable box, installer must respect these minimum clearances.

Technical Data

  • Voltage (Um): 17,5 kV
  • Conductor Size (Min-Max): 35-630 mm2
  • Diameter (Min-Max): 20-50 mm


Additional Technical Data of Nexans 15TS-NSS Universal Bushing Boot can be found on the table below. For more information, please advise PDF File. Nexans 17JTS1 W

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Technical Data

Part No Voltage Conductor Size Min Conductor Size Max Diameter Over Termination Min Diameter Over Termination Max
15TS-NSS 17.5 kV Max 35 mm2 630 mm2 20 mm 50 mm
Nexans 15TS-NSS Universal Bushing Boot

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