Nexans SE1 SE2 SE3 SE4 SE5Solderless Screen Earth Kit (11kV)

Product overview

Nexans SE Solderless Screen Earth Kits

Nexans SE Solderless Screen Earth Kit is necessary to effectively earth the copper tape screens of polymeric (XLPE and EPR) insulated Medium Voltage (MV) power cables without the need for soldering. Supplied in sets of three. Nexans Part Numbers: SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4, SE5.

Each solderless earth screening kit contains three stainless steel constant force springs and three lengths of tinned copper braid. The braid featuring soldered moisture blocks which ensure no migration of moisture between the cable semi-conductive layer and primary insulation, which could lead to partial discharge issues and, over time, potential failure. Each braid features a soldered end with stud hole for connection to the HSGK cable gland or system grounding point.

SE Part Numbers

  • Nexans SE1: 6,6 kV: 16-50mm2, 12 kV: 16-50mm2, 17 & 24 kV: 16-50mm2, 36 kV: –
  • Nexans SE2: 6,6 kV: 70-150mm2, 12 kV: 70-150mm2, 17 & 24 kV: 25-70mm2, 36 kV: 25-35mm2
  • Nexans SE3: 6,6 kV: 185-300mm2, 12 kV: 185-240mm2, 17 & 24 kV: 95-150mm2, 36 kV: 50-70mm2
  • Nexans SE4: 6,6 kV: 400-630mm2, 12 kV: 300-630mm2, 17 & 24 kV: 185-500mm2, 36 kV: 95-300mm2
  • Nexans SE5: 6,6 kV: 800-1000mm2, 12 kV: 800-1000mm2, 17 & 24 kV: 630-1000mm2, 36 kV: 400-1000mm2

Additional Technical Data of Nexans SE Solderless Screen Earthing Kit can be found on the table below. For more information, please advise PDF File. Nexans 17JTS1 W41ewqeq

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Technical Data

Part Number Voltage Class
Conductor Diameter Stud Size 6,6 kV 12 kV 17 & 24 kV  36 kV 
Nexans SE1 Cable cross section (mm2) 12-18 mm M8 16-50 mm2 16-50 mm2 16-50 mm2 -
Nexans SE2 Cable cross section (mm2) 19-22 mm M8 70-150 mm2 70-150 mm2 25-70 mm2 25-35 mm2
Nexans SE3 Cable cross section (mm2) 22-30 mm M8 185-300 mm2 185-240 mm2 95-150 mm2 50-70 mm2
Nexans SE4 Cable cross section (mm2) 31-44 mm M10 400-630 mm2 300-630 mm2 185-500 mm2 95-300 mm2
Nexans SE5 Cable cross section (mm2) 41-65 mm M10 800-1000 mm2 800-1000 mm2 630-1000 mm2 400-1000 mm2

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