Product overview

nVent CADDY Pyramid EZ Rubber-Based Supports feature a wide platform base design to provide reliable support and distribute load across roof surface. These versatile supports are fast and easy to install compared to wood blocks and metal straps.

They are EPDM rubber-based and height-adjustable. Require no tools or fittings, making installations easier than ever.


  • Quick height adjustment accommodates for uneven roofs or sloped condensate lines
  • No tools or fasteners needed; fast snap-on installation
  • Design sheds water and helps reduce pipe corrosion
  • Roof-friendly; made of UV-stabilized EPDM material
  • Material: EPDM-SBR Rubber
  • Ultimate load at 1/4″ (6.35 mm) deflection. Contact project or roofing engineer for maximum allowable load on individual project roof system.

Technical Data

Part Number:       RPSE1H24           RPSE1H57           RPSE2H46           RPSE4H46   
Article Number: 182365 182370 182375 182380
NB/ DN: 25 25 50 100
Outer Diameter: 33 mm 33 mm 60 mm 114 mm
Height (H): 45-102 mm 127-178 mm 102-152 mm 100-150 mm
Length (L): 102 mm 102 mm 102 mm 102 mm
Width (W): 152 mm 152 mm 152 mm 240 mm
Unit Weight: 0.91 kg 1.30 kg 1.50 kg 2.33 kg
Ultimate Static
Load (F):
756 N 756 N 1,112 N 3,920 N



*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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