nVent Caddy Rod Lock L-Bracket (CRLLM8EG, CRLLM10EG – 390012)

Product overview

nVent CADDY Rod Lock L-Bracket is a solution for attaching threaded rod assemblies to the side of vertical structures. We hold stock of Part Number: CRLLM10EG – 390012 (Next Day Delivery in the UK).
Part Numbers:  CRLLM8EG (390011), CRLLM10EG (390012)


  • Easy “push-to-install” design allows installers to simply push the threaded rod through the mounting hole, instantly holding it in position
  • Prefabricated assemblies easily lift and lock into place, helping to save time and money
  • Multiple attachment holes support the use of either self-drilling screws or bolts, offering installation options for concrete, wood, and steel structures
  • Lock nut can be finger tightened, locking the rod in place
  • Integrated adjustment nut enables fine tuning the system height up or down
  • nVent CADDY Rod Lock L-Bracket is extremely useful in tight spaces where wrenches are difficult to use
  • Conforms with Federal Specification WW-H-171 (Type 23), Manufacturers Standardization Society ANSI®/MSS-SP-58 (Type 19 and 23)

*Technical Data subject to change without notice. 390011, 390012

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Technical Data

 Material: Steel, Finish: Electrogalvanised

Part Number Article Number RS H
Wrench Size
Certifications Standard Packaging Quantity
CRLLM8EG 390011 M8 61.3 43.2 35.6 10.4 7.1 24 2,200 VdS 25 pc
CRLLM10EG 390012 M10 61.3 43.2 35.6 10.4 7.1 24 3,100 cULus, FM, VdS 25 pc

Note: Follow fastener manufacturer’s recommended shear and pull-out strength when fastening to the structure. Fastener not included. Install in accordance with applicable code.

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