Prysmian BICON Low Density Three Part Polyurethane Resin (Sand Filled) (LDPU) (R3TFS180, R3TFS320, R3TFS500, R3TFS650, R3TFS800)

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Low Density Three Part Polyurethane Resin (LDPU) has enhanced performance characteristics compared with conventional 3-part systems. The resin comes as a combination of twin pack pouch and supplementary sand filler. Bulk filling with sand allows supply of up to 8 litres in a single kit.
Part Numbers: R3TFS180, R3TFS320, R3TFS500, R3TFS650, R3TFS800

Prysmian BICON Three Part LDPU Resin – Features & Benefits

  • The combination of fillers used provides enhanced filler dispersion (i.e. no sand settlement)
  • The enhanced flow characteristics allow more uniform filling in complex joint configurations
  • The LDPU 3-Part Resin has excellent adhesion to XLPE, PVC, Lead etc.
  • Suitable for use in both tropical and temperate climates
  • Filled joints may be energised immediately if left undisturbed
  • Type approved in LV joints (ENA TS C81/3 and BS EN 50393)
  • Tested in accordance with CENELEC Specification HD631.1

Ordering Information

R3TFS180 -> 1.8 Litre Resin Kit
R3TFS320 -> 3.2 Litre Resin Kit
R3TFS500 -> 5.0 Litre Resin Kit
R3TFS650 -> 6.5 Litre Resin Kit
R3TFS800 -> 8.0 Litre Resin Kit

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

Download PDF file for Technical Information, Temperature Effect on Gel/ Backfill Time and Mixing Instructions on Prysmian BICON Low Density Three Part Polyurethane Resin (LDPU).

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