Vicera CST M Cable Sanding Tool (6413612) | Machine for polishing & sanding XLPE & Rubber insulated MV HV cable

Product overview

Vicera CST M Cable Sanding Tool (6413612)

Vicera CST M Cable Sanding Tool (6413612) is a machine for sanding and polishing XLPE and rubber insulated MV and HV Cables (Insulation ∅ ≤ 80 mm). It can also be used to smooth the transition between the insulation and semiconducting insulation screen. CST M can also be used for sanding other materials, such as metal pipes.

Designed especially for cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and rubber insulation sanding and polishing. With CST sanding machine you can deliver the job 10 times faster than by hands with better surface smoothness. Tool is completely safe and less physically demanding when used in appropriate way. CST sanding machine has 10 mm attachment shaft for the electric drills adjustable socket. It is suitable for Cable Insulation ≤ 80 mm.

Key Features

  • Lightweight & Ergonomic
  • Easy to use & Efficient
  • Quicker than hand sanding with abrasive grit
  • Suitable for medium and high voltage cables with a XLPE insulation diameter between 13/16” 3,3” / 20 85 mm
  • Has 10mm attachment shaft for electric drills adjustable socket
  • Support bar included
  • Single-hand operation
  • Suction connection
  • Durable storage box with compartments for sanding belts

Sanding belts

Vicera Sanding Belts are also available suitable for sanding MV and HV voltage cables with highest quality.

  • CST M P240 (6413613) | 20pcs/pkg
  • CST M P320 (6413614) | 20pcs/pkg
  • CST M P400 (6413615) | 20pcs/pkg
  • CST M P240 6413616) | 100pcs/pkg
  • CST M P320 (6413617) | 100pcs/pkg
  • CST M P400 (6413618) | 100pcs/pkg
  • CST M P180 (6413619) | 20pcs/pkg
  • CST M P180 (6413620) | 100pcs/pkg

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Technical Data

6413612 80 mm 300 mm 180 mm 139 mm 0,985 kgs Socket Ø ≥ 10 mm
1700–3500 rpm/ min


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