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Schnabl are worldwide market-leaders in the field of screwless fastening systems. They constantly analyse the process of electrical installation and develop innovative products that save you time and maximise your profits. Their sophisticated and innovative products offer simple usability with unrivalled speed and efficiency. The goal is to provide customers with the tools that will help them work faster, increase profits and grow their business.


Schnabl have been offering time-saving fastening technology to electrical installers for over 30 years and will continue to develop innovative solutions for this market. Whether you need surface-mounted or flush-mounted solutions, and whether you are fastening to lightweight materials (such as plasterboard) or more heavy-duty surfaces, they have the right solution for you… whatever installation.

One thing all of Schnabl clips and fasteners have in common is that they are simply inserted – meaning no need for anchors or screws. This focus on useability and efficiency means you’ll spend less time and money on each job and ultimately help your business grow.



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Fastening Systems and Solutions for Plasterboard / Dry wall


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