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Tidi-Cable Ltd are the leading manufacturer and distributor of heavy duty cable management products in the United Kingdom.

Trailing cables and leads are a huge issue in the construction industry. Every year thousands of people trip over them, causing injuries and costing employers thousands lost work days. The company is dedicated to solving this problem and offer the simplest, best and most innovative solutions to trailing cables.

Tidi-Cable’s innovative range of cable tidies are designed to raise cables and leads off the floor and remove the risk of people tripping. Tidi-Cable produce a range of cable management products that help reduce accidents in the workplace.

tidi patches trailing leadsTidi-Cable’s products are specially designed for construction/building sites, festivals, events, factories, oil/gas production, shipping yards, rail and underground workplaces. Their aim is to bring cable safety to your workplace. All of their products will help you with all trailing cables, whether they’re hanging from the ceiling, or hanging from the walls. Trailing cables will no longer be a hazard in your workplace when you team up with Tidi Cable. Making your cables, safe.


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