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E-Tech Components (UK) Ltd are an official partner of Filoform and an authorised distributor for their range of Duct Sealing products and solutions, the MD and Filoseal ranges. These encompass Universal Sealing Solutions against water, gas and fire, with or without cables, as well as other duct accessories, such as sealing plugs and cable transit systems.

Filoform Range

For over 55 years, Filoform has developed major expertise in manufacturing and supplying quality products and solutions to connect, seal and protect low, medium and high voltage underground cable networks and ducting systems:

  1. Ensuring the reliability of your underground cable ducting network infrastructure.
  2. Providing innovative, sustainable and competitive solutions to meet your network’s current and future growth requirements.
  3. Protecting your system against water floods, fire spread, dust, migration of flammable and toxic gas hazards, as well as ingress by rodents and insects.

Filoform products and solutions are suitable for utility companies, the telecommunications infrastructure industry, the rail and road infrastructure industry and contractors associated with these fields. E-Tech are an official Filoform partner and distributor for their products and solutions in the UK and abroad.


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