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Prysmian Draka Connecta Fire Resistant Tunnel Lighting & Power System provides lighting and power applications in tunnels, railways

Prysmian | Draka specifically developed the Connecta Fire Resistant Tunnel Lighting & Power System to provide lighting and small power applications in harsh environments such as road and railway/rail tunnels and bridge environments. The system’s objective is to significantly reduce the costly onsite electrical installation work, traditionally necessary during infrastructure projects. draka firetuf

When used with emergency lighting and in the event of a fire, Connecta maintains the integrity of the circuit even if a local device fails, allowing escape routes further up and down the route to remain illuminated.

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Prysmian Connecta System Key Features

  • Prysmian Draka Connecta Fire Resistant Tunnel Lighting & Power System provides lighting and power applications in tunnels, railwaysFire performance cables for critical safety systems
  • LSOH cables for enclosed installations
  • LSOH, oil resistant and mud resistant designs available for specific applications
  • Easy to install and maintenance free tunnel lighting system
  • Offers both time and cost-saving benefits
  • Enhanced fire safety performance
  • Railway power system made using the Prysmian Groups extensive range of power cables
  • Manufactured with high quality injection moulded zero halogen, low smoke materials
  • BS 8491 Category F120 and BS EN 50362:2003
  • BS EN 50200:2015 PH120 and BS 8519 Annex B and BS 8434-2
  • BS EN 60754-1 and BS EN 61034-2

Connecta. Delivering optimum power safety for tunnel environments

When it comes to specifying fire performance cables, zero halogen building wires and power cables, you have to choose products from a company you can trust.

Draka is that  company, an international cable manufacturer with a turnover of €1.7 billion and over 9,000 employees worldwide. As part of Draka Cableteq Low Voltage Europe, a division of Draka Holding NV, are the leading supplier of fire performance cables, zero halogen power cables and building wires in the UK.

With over 80 years of in-depth experience, Draka’s vast product range development and manufacturing takes place with leading-edge technology. Backed by the resources of one of the world’s major specialist cable companies. railway power system draka firetuf

The Group’s expertise delivers a wide-ranging product portfolio including communication, low voltage and special purpose cables. In addition, Prysmian have the capability to manufacture customer-specific cable types.

Part of their continuing success is down to their commitment to ongoing product development through investment in innovation. They are constantly working to improve their product range to meet your specific needs. Indeed, the development of their product range forms the cornerstone of the entire operation.

Connecta, part of market-leading Draka Firetuf range, is one such product. Manufactured in partnership with Custom Design Group of Cwmbran, South Wales, the system’s development aims to provide lighting and a small power system for tunnel and railway environments. Even if a local device fails, the circuit maintains its integrity in the event of a fire. This allows the illumination of escape routes further up and down the line.

Prysmian Draka Connecta Fire Resistant Tunnel Lighting & Power System

Connecta. Simple to install, easy to maintain.

At Draka, the importance of fire performance cables and the company’s commitment to a policy of ongoing product development through investment in innovation is of top priority . Not just because they want to consistently improve their products and range to satisfy your needs. But because they understand that lives are at stake and that the performance and effectiveness of their products can help prevent injuries and losses.

In short, safety of occupants and passengers in mass transit systems, especially road and railway tunnels, is of paramount importanceOne factor that can play a key role in making these environments safer is the appropriate use of fire performance cables for critical safety systems. In the event of a tunnel fire and smoke filled environment:

  • it is vital that the emergency lighting remains secure, to ensure clear illumination of escape routes
  • the correct selection and installation of these vital safety cables ensures that systems can continue to function and people will have time to evacuate safely, as well as helping the emergency services to operate effectively.

The technical resources of Draka and Custom Design Group have combined to deliver a system that offers optimum fire safety performance in tunnels. Manufactured with high quality injection moulded zero halogen and low smoke (OHLS®) components. Connect features a male joint and female plug with an optional integral fuse and coupling nut. It is available with a primary cable of 2.5mm2 to 50.0mm2, in 3, 4 or 5 core variations and with a wiring loom length of approximately 700 metres (dependant on cable size and number of sockets). This ensures the suitability of the system to a wide variety of tunnel environments for the provision of emergency lighting and 3 phase power supplies.

Another significant benefit of Prysmian Connecta Power System for tunnels is the ease of installation and maintainance. With project deadlines becoming tighter and tighter, Connecta offers both time and cost-saving benefits to a variety of applications. With all of the lighting or power joints manufactured in a clean factory environment, rather than in-situ on site, installation times can be significantly reduced. This can assist in meeting or bringing forward project milestones or deadlines. In addition, with the joint’s pre-manufacturing, it reduces the need for highly-skilled electrical installers. This happens because the installation of the system can take place by semi-skilled labour, again offering a cost-saving benefit.

Each coupling system’s design and manufacturing meets the clients’ needs. Achieved with pre-set lengths between each moulded socket outlet unique to each installation. Secondary outputs are then taken from the primary cable via moulded plugs to pre-wired individual luminaires. Therefore not only is Connecta easy to install but because of its modular design, maintenance is also simple. Each Connecta is phase-identified and circuit integrity meets the requirements of BS6387 Categories C, W and Z. Ingress protection meets IP 67 standards. As part of Draka Firetuf fire performance cable range, Connecta benefits from being a zero halogen, low smoke (OHLS®) system.

Prysmian Connecta System. Tried and Tested.

ConnectaAs you would expect, Connecta has been tested to the highest possible standards and meets BS 7671, I.E.E. Wiring RegulationsPrysmian’s testing and commissioning programme ensures all components are tested individually then again as a complete system with luminaires energised.

Fire, Fire with Water and Fire with Mechanical Shock tests are all rigorously completed by their specialists and as a result Connecta is fully approved to BS 6387: 1994 and SS299 Pt1: 1998 (Singapore Standard)Furthermore the BS 6387 category “C, W and Z” is the internationally recognised UK test, used to determine if a cable is capable of maintaining circuit integrity under different fire conditions, as the illustrated tests show. draka firetuf

Tried, tested and trusted by specifiers and contractors throughout the world. The Connecta system has been installed in the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), London Underground, Heathrow Terminal 5 Tunnels, Dublin Port Tunnel and the Singapore Mass Transit Network (MRT) amongst others.

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