CTi AEB260 – Body Mount Antenna

Product overview

CTi AEB260 – Body Mount Antenna is a GSM Multi-Band Dipole Patch Antenna that has a hollow threaded stud for securing to a base and double sided adhesive tape to eliminate rotation during and while fitted.

Suitable for GSM 2G / 3G applications is designed for mounting on a metallic ground plane. See product specification for further information. Supplied with RG174 coax cable and SMA connector.

Standard version of CTi AEB260 – Body Mount Antenna is supplied with 2.5 Meters RG174 coaxial cable terminated with SMA(male) connector, suitable for all of our products shown on this web-site.

CTi AEB260 Applications

  • GSM850
  • GSM900
  • GSM1800
  • GSM1900
  • UMTS 2.1GHz

Please advise Technical Data Table below for additional Electrical & Physical Data.

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Technical Data

Multi-Band Dipole PCB Antenna

Frequency Gain VSWR Impedance
- GSM850
- GSM900
- GSM1800
- GSM1900
- UMTS 2.1GHz
0-2dBi Less than 2:1 in all bands 50Ω


Gross Dimensions Mounting Operating Temperature Cable Length Connectors
80.5mm x 74.5mm x 11.5mm Body mount, 10mm or 25mm M10 hollow stud
Double-sided adhesive pad 0.8mm thick
-40°C to +85°C RG174 (-0mm, +100mm) on specified length Customer Specified

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