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CTi is a world class designer and manufacturer of communication and tracking antennas. Based in modern facilities in Hampshire, UK, CTi is a division of Armour Automotive Ltd, and part of the Armour Group plc. It is an established innovative brand powered by AAMP Global aiming to provide all customers whether in the UK or overseas with a high-quality range of antenna solutions and accessories. E-Tech is a certified CTi distributor in the UK & abroad, contact us for all Antenna Solutions listed in their catalogue.

The antennas included on the E-Tech Components UK Ltd website are the most popular in the range manufactured by Armour-Automotive CTi. Most types are available from stock with standard cable lengths and SMA(male) connectors suitable for all wireless devices. For other types of antenna and alternative cable lengths or connectors please get in touch.



A wide range of standard, tailored and bespoke antenna solutions is offered, leading the way with innovative design and implementation. For a detailed product brochure contact us.

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CTi product range includes GPRS/GSM, GPS, Zigbee and WiFi antenna’s and cable products. Within the standard range there is a choice of glass, patch, body mount and magnetic fixing options, including specialist and DAB products.

In addition to this a bespoke design service is provided where tailored antenna products can be designed and manufactured to meet specific customer needs. For bespoke and tailored products the choices are endless in terms of shapes, sizes, colours, logos, cables and connector types. Specialised packaging for your products can also be designed. CTi also offers separate connectors, adaptors and cable assemblies to compliment the standard, tailored and bespoke antenna range.

Products and services are supported by CTi’s UK based research & development team that employ the most advanced design, simulation and development tools. This proposition facilitates the delivery of quality products across many different applications.

E-Tech is a certified CTi distributor in the UK & abroad, contact us for all Antenna Solutions listed in their catalogue.

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