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CTi AG360 – Flexible Mount Dipole Antenna

CTi AG360 – Flexible Mount Dipole Antenna

Product overview

CTi AG360 – Flexible Mount Dipole Antenna for GSM 2G / 3G applications is designed for mounting on glass or wall mounted using the optional bracket. The antenna is flexible and does not requiring a ground plane making it very suitable in applications where a good performance lightweight antenna is required.

See product specification for further information. Supplied with RG174 coax cable and SMA connector.

Standard version is supplied with 2.5 Meters RG174 coaxial cable terminated with SMA(male) connector, suitable for all of our products shown on this web-site.

CTi AG360/WB – Flexible Mount Dipole Antenna/ With Bracket also available.


  • GSM850
  • GSM900
  • GSM1800
  • GSM1900
  • UMTS 2.1GHz (3G)


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Technical Data

Electrical & Mechanical Data




  • GSM850
  • GSM900
  • GSM1800
  • GSM1900
  • UMTS 2.1GHz (3G)
2 dBi
Less than 2:1 in all bands
Gross Dimensions:
Operating Temp:
Water Resistance:

Cable: Compliant:
131mm x 12mm x 4mm Black PVC (Type TI2/TM2) plastic
Double-sided adhesive pad, 0.8mm thick
-40°C to +85°C
Meets IP67
RG174 - Specified length (-0mm, +100mm)
FME (f) Nickel-plated brass crimp type

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