Cue Dee 2 Way Boom Support (5411)

Product overview

Cue Dee 2 Way Boom Support (5411) is designed to add extra rigidity to the Wind Measurement Boom 3,7m (Tiltable) (4329). We recommend using the boom support when there is a risk of heavy icing.


The boom support is designed to be installed on the K-600 Mast; to easily level the boom anemometer the vertical support strutt is equipped with a turnbuckle.


All components are made of anodized aluminium and stainless steel which gives the two way boom support excellent corrosion resistance and a long life.


The choice of materials makes the product very light which makes handling and installing it very easy.


Cue Dee 2 Way Boom Support (5411) consists of 2 aluminium tubes that are clamped to the Wind Boom and mast. The support adds extra rigidity and bending resistance to the boom.

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Technical Data

Product Name Product No Drawing No Height Wind Area  Clamping Range Weight
2 Way Boom Support 5411 CD 990555 2,5m (8,2ft) 0,27m2 (2,9sq ft) Ø25-60mm (1,0-2,4in) 8,9kg (19,6lb)

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