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Product overview

Cue Dee Chain Bracket RRH Holder is designed for installation of one Nokia RRH unit on Cue Dee Chain Bracket.


Together with the Cue Dee Chain Bracket the RRH Holder can be installed on any pole from Ø110mm up to Ø1070mm. Since Chain Bracket is designed with several profile elements you can easily hook on additional RRH units around the pole in the same level by just adding RRH Holders.


All components are made of acid proof stainless steel which gives the support excellent corrosion resistance.


Chain Bracket RRH Holder for installation of one Nokia RRH unit on Cue Dee Chain Bracket. Together with the Cue Dee Chain Bracket it can be mounted on large poles, monopoles, chimneys etc. with a diameter over Ø110mm..


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Technical Data

Product Name Product No Drawing No Material
Chain Bracket RRH Holder 7956 CD 991161 Plates & Fasteners: Acid proof stainless steel


Art. No Description Length Width Height Weight
7956 Chain Bracket RRH Holder 230mm (9,1in) 45mm (1,8in) 45mm (1,8in) 1,0kg (2,2lb)


Product No Product Description
7685 Chain Bracket, Link Set 1
7706 Chain Bracket, Basic Set #1 (3 links)
7664 Chain Bracket, Basic Set #2 (6 links)
7707 Chain Bracket, Basic Set #3 (9 links)

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