Cue Dee Chain Bracket - 7685 7706 7664 7707

Product overview

Cue Dee Chain Bracket (7685, 7706, 7664, 7707) is a fastening system for installation of telecom equipment or other type of equipment on monopoles or round poles.


It can be installed on any pole from Ø110mm up to Ø1070mm. A wide range of accessory mounts are available for Mounting Tubes, RRUs, filters etc. even for compensation of inclination when installing on conical monopoles.


All components are made of anodized aluminum and acid proof stainless steel which gives the support excellent corrosion resistance.


Handling and installation is very easy because of its light weight but also thanks to the pre-assembled kit system and the facile tightening process.


The Chain Bracket is an innovative solution for large poles, chimneys, etc. with a diameter over Ø110mm. It comes with a full range of accessories such as brackets for RRUs, antennas, filters, etc.


For Order and Technical Information, consult the Technical Data, Package Details and Accessories tables below.

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Technical Data

Product Name Product No Drawing No Material
Chain Bracket 7685 CD 991019 Link & Tensioner profiles: Aluminium, nature anodized 20μm

Link Plates & Fasteners: Acid proof stainless steel

Art. No Description Length Width Height Weight
7685 Link Set (1 link) 110mm (4,3in) 60mm (2,4in) 85mm (3,3in) 0,35kg (0,8lb)
7706 Basic Set #1 (3 links) 250mm (9,8in) 110mm (4,3in) 85mm (3,3in) 2kg (4,4lb)
7664 Basic Set #2 (6 links) 400mm (15,7in) 100mm (4,0in) 85mm (3,3in) 3kg (6,6lb)
7707 Basic Set #3 (9 links) 400mm (15,7in) 150mm (5,9in) 85mm (3,3in) 4kg (8,8lb)

Product No Product Description
7676 Chain Bracket RRU Holder
7682 Chain Bracket Tube Holder (for 35-65mm mounting tube)
7684 Chain Bracket Tube Holder Extended (for 35-65mm mounting tube)
7822 Chain Bracket Single Tube Holder (for 45-65mm mounting tube)

Additional Information

Operational Wind Speed Max Side Wind Area * Max Load Weight**
 km/h m/s mph m2 ft2 kg lb
 240 67 150 0,4 4,3  330 730
210 58 130 0,5 5,5 330 730
180 50 112 0,7 7,5 330 730
150 42 93 1,0 11 330 730
120 33 75 1,5 16 330 730


*Max Side Wind Area for each mounted equipment and for each level.
*Max Load Weight for each level.

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