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Cue Dee Double Antenna Support

Product overview

Cue Dee Double Antenna Support is designed for installation of two panel antennas or small radio links or other common telecom equipment.


The support is assembled to a Tower or Mast frame member via two clamps. This clamp can handle all common frame leg designs such as, round, square, angle etc.


All components are made of anodized aluminium and stainless steel which gives the support excellent corrosion resistance.


The choice of materials makes the product very light which makes the handling and installation very easy.


Clamp kit in two levels, with horizontal beams, and space for two mounting tubes. Typical for installation of panel antennas, radio links or other common telecom equipment.


Mounting Span 6


For Order and Technical Information, consult the Technical Data and Package Dimensions table below.

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Technical Data

Product Name Product No Drawing No PACKAGE DIMENSIONS
Length Width Height Weight 
Double Antenna Support 4984 CD 990517 790mm (31in) 130mm (5,1in) 90mm (3,6in) 10,4kg (22,9lb)


*NOTE: Mounting Tubes are not included. Must be ordered separately.


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