Cue Dee Guy Discs - 5544/ 4738

Product overview

Cue Dee Guy Discs (5544, 4738) are anchors for single Guy Wires, they are used when installing a mast on soil. They are available in many different versions depending on Guy Wire dimension. You can consult us to supply you with the correct guy disc for your Cue Dee mast. The guy discs are light weight and therefore easy to transport to remote sites.

Guy Disc and Guy Disc Square available:

Product Name Product No Drawing No
Cue Dee Guy Disc Round Guy Disc 5544 GPS50-1010
Cue Dee Guy Disc Square Guy Disc Square 4738 GPS50-1010

For Information on Dimensions, Max Guy Wire Area and Weight, consult the Technical Data table below.


The guy disc is available from Ø620 mm (24,5 in) up to the square disc 750×750 mm (29,5 x 29,5 in).


Made of galvanized steel. This gives the system excellent corrosion resistance and a long life.


They are light weight and easy to handle manually. Each Guy Disc is attached with a Slack Puller to the Guy Wire.


The Guy Disc is suitable for use as an anchor point for a single Guy Wire when installing the mast on soil. Made of galvanized steel.

Download PDF File for additional information on Cue Dee Guy Discs (5544, 4738).

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Technical Data

Product Name Product No Drawing No Length Diameter Disc Size Max Guy Wire Area Weight
Guy Disc 5544 GPS50-1010 2200mm (86,5in) 620mm (24,5in) - 68mm2 (0,10 sq in) 17kg (37,5lb)
Guy Disc Square 4738 GPS50-1010 2200mm (86,5in) - 750 x 750mm (29,5 x 29,5in) 68mm2 (0,10 sq in) 76kg (168lb)

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