Cue Dee Guy Foundations (5242)

Product overview

Cue Dee Guy Foundations (5242) are used as anchors for multiple Guy Wires, they are used when installing a mast on soil. You can consult us to supply you with the correct guy foundation for your Cue Dee mast.


It is possible to fit anywhere from 1  to 6 Guy Wires to the same Guy Foundation depending on Guy Wire dimension.


The guy foundations are made of reinforced concrete and galvanized steel. This gives the system excellent corrosion resistance and a long life.


The guy foundation comes complete with extension rods to connect to the Slack Puller and Guy Wire.


Cue Dee Guy Foundations (5242) used when the Mast is installed on soil. It is possible to attach 1-6 Guy Wires to the Guy Foundation as long as the total Guy force does not exceed 170kN.

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Technical Data

Product Name Product No Drawing No Max Guy Force Weight
Guy Foundation 5905 GP170-2011 170kN 1230kg (2712lb)


Length Width Height Weight
2200mm (86,5in) 1400mm (55in) 220mm (8,7in) 1230kg (2712lb)

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