D-Line D-Fixings - Safe-D Fire Rated Screws (DFIX)

Product overview

D-Line D-Fixings – Safe-D Fire Rated Screws (DFIX) are fire performance screws, with a 40mm long shaft and close threads which combine to provide exceptional performance.
Part Number: DFIX – Dimensions [L x Head W (W1) x Thread W (W2)]: 40 x 8,3 x 5,1 mm

D-Line D-Fixings - Safe-D Fire Rated ScrewsD-Fixings are ideal for securing D-Line fire-rated Safe-D ranges (& other electrical installation equipment) in popular substrates – including masonry, (stone, brickwork, breeze-block, concrete) plasterboard and wood.

D-Fixings have been extensively tested, and are certified to hold Safe-D clips and cable loads up to 970°C for 2 hours, after withstanding stress vibrations and water sprays also. (For additional information on Testing, please consult PDF file below)

In fire tests, the D-Fixing threads remain securely embedded with no need for anchors or plastic wall plugs (which typically melt at 160°C).

D-Line D-Fixings Features

  • D-Fixings produced from hardened steel DIN standard 10666
  • >1200°C melting point
  • The shallow head optimizes the space remaining for cables
  • No need for plastic wall plugs
  • Excellent tensile strength, shear strength and pull-out load performance
  • D-Line D-Fixings – Safe-D Fire Rated Screws are ideal for securing consumer units also

For Additional Information on D-Line D-Fixings – Safe-D Fire Rated Screws, please download PDF File or advise Technical Data table below.

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Technical Data

Part No Length Head Width (W1) Thread Width (W2)
DFIX 40 mm 8,3 mm 5,1 mm

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