Elpress Accessories for Shearbolt Connectors (SC90N/PEN, SC150N/PEN, SC240/PEN, SBC50, ISL2201) Elpress Screw Branch Clamps

Product overview

Elpress Accessories for Shearbolt Connectors, including a Filler Piece, Screw Branch Clamps and Counterhold Tool.
Part Numbers: Elpress SC95N/PEN, SC150N/PEN, SC240/PEN, SBC50, ISL2201.

Filler Piece (SC95N/PEN, SC150N/PEN, SC240/PEN)

Filler Piece used to splice the copper screen around the conductors, a filler piece is required that is placed between the screw and the screen. To select the correct filler piece, see table. Requires 2 filler pieces per splice.

Prod. Name Screen Conductor
SC95N/PEN *16-57 mm2
SC150N/PEN 21-95 mm2
SC240/PEN 29-146 mm2
Note: *16-50 mm2 (SC95N)/ 16-57 mm2 (SC95R95S)

Screw Branch Clamps (SBC50)

Screw Branch Clamps that make it possible to branch a reinforcing bar with a stranded earth line in Cu or Fe. Work area: 32-100 mm² with largest area for single conductor 50 mm².

  • flexible and secure shearbolt clamp that provides direct contact between the conductors
  • the clamp is stainless steel and can be used for earth wires made of both copper and steel
  • stainless steel design allows for location above and below ground, in concrete, in water etc.

Counterhold Tool (ISL2201)

Counterhold Tool for stable and safe installation of Shearbolt Terminals. Tools are made from durable material and are easily adjustable for terminals up to 400 mm2.

General Information

Elpress shearbolt terminals are available as through connectors and terminals for:

  • stranded and solid Al and Cu cables
  • round cross section 10 to 630mm2
  • sector cross section 16 to 240mm2

The screws used are made of brass, which offers a lower friction compared to aluminium or steel. This makes it easier for the user to install. Installation tools can be a socket wrench or an impact wrench with torque force > 100Nm. We recommend that the fitter uses a counterhold toolto secure the shearbolt terminal more easily when tightening the screws.

The following apply for bright galvanised type nuts and screws, with strength class 8.8, used for connecting terminals with Cu and Al palms:

  • Always use a torque wrench to be certain the right torque is achieved. Ensure it is calibrated regularly according to supplier’s instructions.
  • Use the recommended torque according to the screw manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always use a hard flat washer to reduce friction against the connection surface and the edge pressure, hardness min HB200.

Labelling & Tightening

Elpress marking of shearbolt terminals shows logo, product name, cable area (for stranded and solid conductors) and installation order. The terminal palmis marked with screw size M-thread for bolted joints.

Recommended tightening torque for wet lubricated screws and nuts of bright galvanised zinc type with strength class 8.8 and coarse threaded (normal thread), used with corresponding washer for connection of terminals with Cu- and Al palm.

For more information on Elpress Accessories for Shearbolt Connectors (Filler Piece, Screw Branch Clamps, Counterhold Tool), consult PDF File or Technical Data Table below.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice. SC90N/PEN, SC240/PEN, SBC50

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Technical Data

Prod. Name Screen Conductor Note
SC95N/PEN 16-57 mm2 16-50 mm2 (SC95N)/ 16-57 mm2 (SC95R95S)
SC150N/PEN 21-95 mm2
SC240/PEN 29-146 mm2

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