Elpress GRS1560LC-4 Crimping Tool (1.5-6mm²)

Product overview

Elpress GRS1560LC-4 Crimping Tool (1.5-6mm²) is a crimping tool for solar connectors such as the MC4™. It is the perfect tool for solar panel installers. This tool has been tested and certified for crimping terminals with a diameter of 4 mm/0.157”. Cable area 1.5-2.5; 4.0; 6.0 mm²/AWG 16-14; 12; 10.
EAN code: 7393487090859
(MC4™ is a trademark owned by Multi-Holding AG)

Elpress GRS1560LC-4 Technical Details

  • Very powerful tool – thanks to its tempered, alloy steel.
  • Elpress GRS1560LC-4 is the perfect crimping tool for solar installations.
  • The handle length means that the final phase of the crimping process can be done using both hands, which enhances both comfort and efficiency.
  • Its unique mechanism reduce the handle force required compared with competing crimping tool. 192-305 N when crimping.
  • Ergonomic handles that suit both left- and right-handed users.
  • Anti-slip protection on one handle to keep the tool in place when crimping against a work surface.
  • Locking function which only releases once crimping is complete.
  • Emergency release if the crimping process has to be interrupted.

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Technical Data

Prod. Name mm2 AWG Net Weight
GRS1560LC-4 1.5-6 16-10 0.71 kg

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