Elpress LV350-KIT1-MINI Storage Box for Dies

Product overview

Elpress LV350-KIT1-MINI Storage Box for Dies is a complete kit with crimp dies for hexagonal crimping of 10-70 mm² using Elpress V350 Mini system (MINI PVL350), supplied in a waterproof and impact resistant box. The box contains six Crimp Dies that cover crimping of Elpress KR/KS and KRF/KSF (Standard Copper Terminals) from 10 up to 70 mm². Additionally, in the box, there are two more empty slots for extra crimp dies of your own choice, for example, for CUT or C-Sleeves.
Part Number: LV350-KIT1-MINI Elpress V350 Mini box
EAN code: 7393487088856

Elpress LV350-KIT1-MINI Box Contents

MB8: 10 mm²
MB9: 16 mm²
MB11: 25 mm²
MB13: 35 mm²
MB14.5: 50 mm²
MB17: 70 mm²


  • Inner dimensions: 157 x 82 x 41 mm
  • Outer dimensions: 175 x 115 x 47 mm
  • Weight with Crimp Dies: 0.648 kg
  • Volume: 0.527 l
  • Space for 8 dies
  • IP67 (fully waterproof)

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